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Power Generation  Markets and Projects

A 20 page Weekly Alert provides the latest insights on the worlds fossil and nuclear fired markets plus project leads from the perspective of combust, flow, and treat suppliers. 41F Utility E-Alert

The latest 5 year forecasts for coal fired and nuclear power  in each country plus individual owner and plant analyses are provided in 42EI Utility Tracking System

44I Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions provides networking with purchasers of CFT products as well as ways to validate lowest total cost of ownership  The package with  42EI and 44I for 5 people is $ 3800

Gas turbine forecasts by country plus details on combust, flow and treat products at individual plants are  included in 59EI Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Supplier Program

A package including 41F, 42EI, 59EI and one of the market reports e.g. valves, pumps, FGD, DeNOx, chemicals, precipitators, fabric filters, or IIoT (http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php/markets) is available as a package for  just $ 6500/yr.