NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         October 2017

Navigating the New Market Route for High Performance Products and Services

The Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) will radically change the way high performance products are selected. The opportunities for higher margins and increased market share dictate a unique sales effort.

McIlvaine can provide the tools to help suppliers create the needed sales program.

High performance products are those whose quality justifies a price above the minimum specification. General performance products are sold based on price and service.  There is no reason to conduct total cost of ownership analyses. 

In the past it has been very difficult to analyze total cost of ownership of various high-performance product alternatives.  As a result, high performance products have been sold the same way as the general performance products.  The sea change is the new ability of the purchaser to determine the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).  With IIoT empowered by IIoW the corporate buyer will have the TCO for each of the alternatives and make his decisions accordingly.  The main role of the sales group will be to make sure the buyer has an accurate TCO.

At companies such as BASF, Rio Tinto, Arcelor Mittal, and Duke Power IIoT and Remote Monitoring is enabling corporate specialists to analyze the performance of every valve, pump, filter, and turbine in the global fleet of plants.  IIoW is in its infancy but as it grows it will provide not only the total cost of ownership but the guide to new and better products.

IIoW utilizes the data analytics provided by IIoT and provides the interconnection between end users, suppliers, and subject matter experts to create the TCOs and more importantly create new products with lower TCOs.  The interconnections need to be as prolific in IIoW as in IIoT.  They include

IIoT is growing up but IIoW is in its infancy.  Suppliers have the opportunity to grow along with it.  McIlvaine has a program to help them do so. 

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