NEW RELEASE                                                                                                      AUGUST 2016

Improving the Right-to-Win Ability for High Performance Flow Control andTreatment Products

The right-to-win for high performance flow control and treatment products can be enhanced by leveling the playing field and changing the scoring method. Right-to-win is the ability to engage in any competitive market with a better-than-even chance of success.  Four strategies have been used to improve the right-to-win ability.  They are position, execution, adaptation and concentration.

In flow control and treatment there are two types of products and services: high performance and general performance.  The right-to-win strategies for them differ significantly.

The challenge of large U.S. and European based suppliers of high performance flow control and treatment products is to not only improve the right-to-win ability in the existing market, but to be pro-active in changing the rules of the game to level the playing field and even the scoring method in developing countries.  Most of these large companies have not achieved the sales and profits in the fast growing developing market.  McIlvaine, therefore, proposes that “creation” be considered a fifth right-to-win strategy. The importance of each strategy has been ranked from very important to irrelevant. 

Right-to-Win Strategies for High Performance and General Performance Products

(5 is very important and 1 is irrelevant)

Right-to-Win Strategy High Performance General Performance
Position 3 5
Execution 3 5
Adaptation 5 3
Concentration 3 4
Creation 5 2

The creation strategy changes the playing field by making it easier for purchasers to buy the best rather than the lowest cost product.  This entails finding an easier way to determine the lowest total cost of ownership (LTCO).  Arcelor Mittal is doing this by global sourcing and then providing LTCO analyses for its 200 plants around the world. McIlvaine is accomplishing this in certain industries with free Decision Guides for end users.

Changing the scoring method is another game changer. Most flow control and treatment products contribute to increased life quality today at some penalty to future generations (e.g. greenhouse gases or resource depletion).  The perspective is quite different for a wealthy individual who wants to set up annuities for his grandchildren and the starving parent who cannot even ensure the survival of his children.  McIlvaine has created a metric to help developing countries make the best choice for their citizens.

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For more information on the markets see N064 Air/Gas/Water/Fluid Treatment and Control: World Market