NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         December 2018

Sales Program focused on the 50,000 top CFT Prospects

Fifty thousand companies purchase 90 percent of the combust, flow, and treat equipment and services. Large purchasers such as BASF and Arcelor Mittal are centralizing purchasing, remotely monitoring CFT components, and using data analytics to determine lowest total cost of ownership. One company just announced an IIoT program for 450 plants around the world.

Ninety-nine percent of all CFT components and services are sold to companies which have purchased these components previously. Most purchases are replacements, repairs, or part of previously announced expansion plans. The successful sale of high performance CFT components starts long before a request for quotation. Therefore a sales program focused on the specific prospects rather than current intelligence is the successful route.

The program involves the following steps

  1. Identify the prospects precisely
  2. Segment and prioritize the prospects
  3. Forecast the projected annual purchases for those companies which will spend enough to justify the effort
  4. Become knowledgeable about the customer processes which use the CFT products
  5. Prepare a total cost of ownership analysis for each product
  6. Continuously validate the lowest total cost of ownership (LTCOV)

Numerical identification of the prospects for a CRM program is very important. Chinese and Japanese companies are identified by characters which result in variations in English phonetic equivalents. Chinese companies typically are identified with a city name prefix. McIlvaine has prepared a database with numerical identification of many thousands of companies. Here are some of the companies showing up under Beijing.

Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering 1274 北京国电龙源环境工程有限公
 Beijing Guohua Renyuan Environmental Engineering 1275 北京国华荏原环境工程有限公
 Beijing Haotifa Valve Mfg. 28582   
 Beijing Jingming Powder Metallurgy 754 北京精明粉末冶金有限公
 Beijing Jingneng Cogeneration Power Joint-stock Co 23613   
 Beijing Jingxi Power Co. 23623  

A large partial list of numerical identifiers is displayed at

Company Classification

Shenhua and Guodian have merged creating the world’s largest CFT product purchaser. This conglomerate will purchase more CFT products this year than 150 individual countries. So it is necessary to further classify subsidiaries which are making purchase decisions separately. In the above case Guodian has a subsidiary, Longyuan. This entity is both a supplier and purchaser of CFT products and services. As a supplier it appears in another McIlvaine database which identifies the subsidiaries, the locations of major operations within each subsidiary and produced at that facility. The 53DI OEM Networking Directory also includes consulting firms such as AECOM.

The way subsidiaries are segmented is shown in the following sequence

Product Analysis by Financial Entity

When you click on the A section you see -----

When you click  on AECOM you see 50 listings such as

When you click on the Earth Tech California location you see a display with the address, contacts and products such as

  • Site Remediation - CONSTRUCTION
  • Site Remediation - CONSULTANTS
  • Site Remediation - CONSULTING & DESIGN

It is equally important to standardize on geographic, industry, process, and product classifications. These are found at

The numerical identification is the first step in setting up a prospect based sales program. The McIlvaine Company can provide identifiers for suppliers to use in their CRM programs. This can be supplied with or without the product purchase forecasts for selected prospects. For more information contact Bob McIlvaine@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.