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 Air, Water, Energy Most Profitable Market Program

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There are 1 million market niches averaging $10 million each in the $10 trillion Air, Water, Energy and Adjacent markets. For each niche there are thousands of relevant facts which can be factored to determine niche contribution to the Most Profitable Market (MPM).


The ultimate goal of the Mcilvaine 3F program is to utilize facts and factors to create forecasts which will be the basis of the business strategy.  However, there is a step-by-step program with intermediate forecasts which fit the needs of the moment.

Here is the logical sequence


A total available market forecast leads you to the niches bearing further investigation.  The Serviceable Available Market forecasts quantify these niche opportunities.  The serviceable obtainable market forecasts assess the achievable revenues given the competition and other factors.

The most profitable market forecasts include only those revenues for which a validation plan can be created to assure significant market share.

Mcilvaine has spent 50 years creating and improving this guide.

To learn more about the program click on specific answers.

What makes the 3F Guide Unique?

The analysis of each market niche and aggregation in the most relevant way is far superior to top-down guesstimates.  Here are some advantages:

  • More reliable due to multiple entry approach
  • Quick answers for forecasts and trends
  • Value throughout the organization from the CEO making acquisitions to the regional manager setting sales targets
  • Provides the value proposition for each niche
  • Provides the investment decision between a complementary and new product.
  • Validation through iteration of market shares and collaboration with B2B media
  • Easily changed and updated to account for technology and economic development

What are the product and industry niches and how are they organized?

There are 1 million unique niches with revenues of more than $10 million.  There are more than 1000 products in more than 1000 industry applications.

Here is one example:

Industry: Power

System: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

Process: Steam Turbine Bypass

Function: Control

Service: Severe

Product: Valve

Geography: Japan

Year: 2025

Here is a brief overview of this application:


Thousands of industry classifications start with NAICS codes.  Additional segmentation is then provided to identify the niches. Chinese characters are also supplied to eliminate language confusion.  Here is an example:


Many thousands of products are analyzed.  Here is an example of product listings for specific sites for various companies:


How do I obtain the specific answers I need now?

Many reports are immediately available.  Some are very comprehensive with many hundreds of pages online plus up to 800,000 forecasts which have been recently updated.

Others are focused reports. They might have just hundreds of numbers although some have millions. They can be current or several years old. In any case current forecasts can be quickly supplied.

A number of reports have monthly updates.

Click to see recent updates for the following:

  • Valve Facts, Factors, and Forecasts
  • Pump Facts, Factors, and Forecasts
  • Air Pollution Control Facts, Factors, and Forecasts
  • Cleanroom Facts, Factors, and forecasts
  • Power AWE Facts, Factors, and Forecasts

Focused reports on various areas of air and liquid filtration are also available.

IIoT related reports cover Guide, Control and Measure.

Quick turnaround is available for custom reports.  The time depends on the scope.  If it is just 1 $10 million niche the effort is considerably different than if it is 50.

How do I evaluate all the possible expansion options?

The best next investment could be with the existing, complementary or even new products.

AWE Facts, Factors and Forecasts is a continually updated overview of all the options.  It can be used independently or as part of a Mcilvaine consulting assignment.

Each major sector is quantified, and forecasts are provided.  An extensive analysis of acquisitions shows how others are expanding


How do I set up a continuous program to take into account changing industries and technologies?

With a world in turmoil, it is highly desirable to maintain granular forecasts which are updated several times per year.  The granularity empowers the product manager and regional sales manager to participate in the updating process.  A web site is typically created and alerts sent to participants.  Webinars help to share information.

The optimum use of B2B media to validate their value proposition is part of the program.

Can I use the guide to create the best value proposition for clients?

The forecasts are the equivalent of a quadruple entry accounting system in terms of reliability.  They take into account the value proposition by considering all the facts and factors.


The 3F Strategy and B2B

  • Forecasts should be the foundation of business strategy
  • Forecasts are created with a multiple entry bookkeeping approach
  • The forecasts are an assembly of facts multiplied by complex factors
  • A judicial approach with organized evidence, arguments and cross examination is needed
  • The media provides the courtroom
  • The product suppliers need to drive the program.
  • The greater the scope the more effective

Air, Water, Energy market research has been used as a reinforcement rather than a basis for action. It is the equivalent of a single-entry bookkeeping system.

No company would base strategy on a single entry based financial statement.

The 3F system with all facts multiplied by complex factors provides the multiple entry equivalent.

Those suppliers striving to sell the best products can fund an approach to decision making with organized evidence, arguments and counter arguments provided by the B2B media.

There is a best of equals where the best forecasts = the best value proposition = lowest total cost of ownership = best validation.

Facts and factors are applicable for complementary products, components, and industries.  Therefore, scope matters. The reality is that the funding comes from individual suppliers. The B2B media is already moving away from traditional approaches and creating communities of users and suppliers. This approach provides factor analysis and validation.

The Mcilvaine role is to provide the forecasts based on available facts and factors.  It will encourage clients to steer the media toward the judicial approach and to provide white papers and other evidence.  B2B media will then use videos and news to provide arguments and counter arguments.

Call or email us with your questions and we can propose the service to best address your needs.

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