NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    May 2021

$55 Billion Market for Pharmaceutical Air and Water Flow and Treat Products and Services

The market for pharmaceutical air and water flow and treat products and services will grow to $55 billion in 2025 according to the latest forecast in Pharmaceutical Prospects.

2020 was an unusual year with big growth in vaccines but slowdown in many pharmaceutical projects. However, the industry is returning to normal and the market has been strong in the first half of 2021. The pandemic surge in India and other countries without vaccines is likely to result in continued expansion of vaccination production for the next several years.

Certain segments of the market will grow more rapidly than others. Cell and gene therapy projects are a small portion of the total. But this segment is growing three times faster than the average.

The top ten purchasing countries in 2025 will account for 90% of the market.


The air and water flow and treat expenditure will equal 3.9% of the pharmaceutical revenues in 2025.  The volumes of air and water being treated are modest compared to the chemical or mining industry.  On the other hand the potency and sensitivity of the products result in very high investments per unit of fluid moved or treated. This ratio is at its highest in cell and gene therapy.  This potency and sensitivity has also resulted in single use systems which are converting one time into continual equipment investments

Here is a segmentation of the purchases by product.  The categories include associated flow control instruments, software and hardware.  Service and repair parts are also included.


The  year by year forecast for every country is included as part of Pharmaceutical Prospects

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