NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    July 2021

Pharmaceutical Valves and HVAC Filters Cost of Ownership Analyses Added to System

McIlvaine has posted two new flow and treat cost of ownership analyses to a website created as a catalyst to make it easer for suppliers of new and better products to validate lowest total cost of ownership (LTCOV).

The most recent posting is on pharmaceutical valves.

Many features claimed as advantages are shared by several valve companies. A company can validate LTCO by showing it has more of the shared features than any other supplier.

It is less of a challenge to establish an LTCO for a product with unique features. The typical weir in a diaphragm valve in upstream processing applications can be  prone to leaks and increase the potential of product contamination. The weir less design for better or worse is unique.

The challenge for suppliers of products with unique new designs is validation (LTCOV). This analysis and similar efforts should make this easier.

A McIlvaine article on LTCO of HVAC filters appears in the most recent issue of International Filtration News. There is a disagreement on the value of a MERV A rating.  This is an important question and impacts the choice of media relying on electrostatic charging versus media relying solely on mechanical filtration.  Experts on both sides of the issue have  been interviewed by IFN. Links to their articles and more are included on the site and found at

Over the last two years IFN has published monthly articles from McIlvaine on the true costs of various filtration devices. The new approach is to support assertions and statements in articles with links to previous articles. 

In the case of IFN there is the opportunity to provide further continuity on a subject with speeches and exhibits at FILTEXPO which will be held next March  29 and 30 in Miami.

McIlvaine provides market forecasts and market share analysis in all the flow and treat areas. 

Details are found at 

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