NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    July 2021

Pump Forecasts for Every Market Niche

Why has the Pump World Market Report expanded to include 272,000 individual forecasts and many hundreds of thousands of additional aggregates?

The reason is that each number represents a unique combination of total cost of ownership (TCO) factors. 


For each pump type, there are forecasts for 80 countries and sub regions further segmented by 17 applications. Forecasts are provided for future years through 2025 and historical revenues from 2016.


Now there is further segmentation by four performance factors.


The performance segments are general, severe, critical and unique.  Each has a different set of TCO factors.


Profit is maximized by focusing on the niches where the lowest TCO can be achieved. For most companies, these niches are even smaller than provided in the basic report.

The major pump  types can be further divided into many sub segments.

The 17 industries each have individual segments with unique TCO factors. Large countries such as the U.S. often need to be segmented by State or Province.

McIlvaine can provide these more detailed forecasts to supplement the basic report.

Details  on the basic report are found at:

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