NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    July 2021

Soaring Market for High Efficiency Air Filters

The public views about air quality are changing and are creating a large long term market for high efficiency filters in HVAC systems. Celebrities are telling us in TV advertisements that you should enter buildings only if they have a Well Health Safety Seal.

Wildfires in Siberia and the Western U.S. are creating unhealthy air just at the time the medical profession is advising the intake of more outside air.

The Delta variant is wreaking havoc around the world. The latest thinking is that vaccinations alone are not going to be adequate. Better indoor air quality along with other measures will be needed.

Upgrades to HVAC systems will typically result in MERV 8 filters being replaced by MERV 13 or even MERV 16.  HEPA filters will be utilized in spaces where large numbers of people will be passing through or congregating.

The use of HEPA room air purifiers has grown rapidly and the trend is likely to continue.

The market for high efficiency filters is very strong in countries where there are large numbers of unvaccinated people. In Asia and Africa it will be years before there is any chance of herd immunity even for a virus less virulent than the Delta variant.

McIlvaine is continually revising air filter and media forecasts in four different efficiency ranges for each country and also segmented by commercial, residential, education, and various  industries. The report also includes forecasts for gas turbine intake filters which use the same media.

The excel based report has more than 20,000 forecasts and is available for $4,000. 

Bob McIlvaine can answer your questions and provide details.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also reach him at 847 226 2391.