NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   January 2024

Forecasting the AWE Industry is Made Difficult by Politics

The Mcilvaine Company has been making predictions about all the air, water, energy (AWE) markets for decades. The political winds have been of minor importance. The big variables have been in economics. The new reality is that political forces will shape the AWE market in the coming years in an unprecedented way. If the winds are favorable there will be 2 billion more people in 2050 and global GDP will be twice that of today. But here is what the political winds may blow in.





Vendors of AWE equipment and systems will be leveraging automation and AI to efficiently supply and help operate plants around the world.  Ore will be mined, processed and transported without the need of operating personnel.

With wind, solar, hydrogen, and BECCS greenhouse gas concentration will peak while pharmaceutical miracles end cancer and other sicknesses with techniques of cell and gene therapy. Thanks to AWE technologies much of the food will be grown in enclosed greenhouses or ponds.

If the political winds are unfavorable, we could be entering a period of regression.  Mcilvaine believes that the wind conditions are an aggregate of the individual life choices and the degree to which there is freedom of choice.

The individual makes life quality choices as part of a tribal hierarchy progressing from the family to the city, country and the world.

Mcilvaine has created a metric to measure these life quality choices and is using it to predict the AWE markets. An example is the life quality choices of Ukrainians.  Their prioritization of free choice was not anticipated by Russia.  The use of the system might have avoided the situation which exists today.

A detailed analysis of the Mcilvaine metric and what it tell us about the AWE market is found at

This analytical technique is utilized in the Most Profitable Market program.  Details on this can be found at

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