59EI Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Supplier Program  $5000.00/yr ($150.00 per additional user)    Click here to order
This service provides markets and strategy, sales leads, contacts, and training for suppliers of products and services used in gas turbine and combined cycle plants. There is a unique and continuous interface with decision makers.


Market Forecasts

  • MW Forecasts by country and year
  • Sales forecasts for specific products such as intake filters, SCR equipment, automation, valves & pumps


  • Existing Gas Turbine facilities worldwide with detailed information regarding gas turbine equipment, HRSG manufacturer, NOx control equipment, instrumentation, controls and other information
  • Proposed Gas Turbine facilities worldwide, including those under construction, in planning and permitting phase, and even those which have been cancelled or are on hold

News and Updates

  • The subscriber receives access to two websites.  In addition to the 59EI Supplier program he also has access to  59D Gas Turbine, Reciprocating Engine Decisions
  • Each site has an intelligence system with continual additions of articles and white papers
  • The Gas Turbine E Alert with the latest project and market news is supplied bi weekly
  • The GTRE Decisions Update is supplied monthly and has information on technical and commercial developments
  • Several webinars per quarter are also conducted live and recorded

Integratiion with other Mcilvaine Services

  • There is a package discount for this service when combined with the complmentary services e.g. pumps, valves, IIoT and Remote O&M , filters, NOx control , or  treatment chemicals

Details on the service are displayed through the following links

Brochure     Sample Alert    Sample Update