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(formerly Air and Water Monitoring: World Markets)

This continually updated report forecasts the IIoT opportunity through 2030 and provides analyses to help suppliers make and adjust their plans to address this very important opportunity.  The detailed coverage of individual industries, products, services, technology and regions provides the specificity needed for planning purposes. 

Free webinar January 9, 2019: An analysis of the major suppliers generating 30% of the revenues can be viewed at: http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/images/IIoT_Market_2018-10-15.pdf

The service functions around a password protected website.  This site contains thousands of pages of information, hundreds of hours of webinars and a program for major additions each week.  There is an hour long weekly recorded webinar to view a specific product or industry. This analysis is updated just prior to the webinar.  Companies are encouraged to submit data for inclusion and display in the next webinar on that subject.  There is also the opportunity to provide Interwebvews  Each subject is reviewed and webinars held at 6 month intervals. 

Mcilvaine consultants can also provide custom insights to fill in any gaps.

Forecasts are provided for the purchases by 550 companies representing most of the potential market.


Scope:  Rapid gains in sensor technology and the ability to meaningfully integrate their output in the cloud are substantially changing industrial processes. This Industrial Internet of Things is also facilitating radical changes in operational structure as remote operation and maintenance will become typical.  Owners, process system designers, product and service suppliers, consultants, and specialist O&M companies are all going to be striving to capture a larger share of a trillion-dollar pie.

Why Mcilvaine: The first service launched by Mcilvaine in 1974 was a guide to selection and maintaining flue gas desulfurization scrubbers.  Today more than 100 services are available.   Subjects include pumps, valves, filters, fans, compressors, treatment chemicals, and instrumentation.  These are the products being optimized with IIoT.  Mcilvaine has consulted for many IIoT participants starting with an assignment to evaluate ASEA for Brown Boveri prior to the formation of ABB. In 1999 Mcilvaine published Information Technology for Electricity Generation.  This was a four-volume report in loose leaf binders with detailed analysis of the technology and players.  Mcilvaine experience is invaluable in analysing the IIoT opportunity.

Contents: The report provides continually updated forecasts and analysis from 2016 to 2030 for the following.


    • Intelligent assets: machines or other assets equipped with
    • sensors
    • processors
    • memory
    • communications capability
    • Data communications infrastructure
    • Analytics and applications to interpret and act on the data
    • Subject mattter expertise
    • Remote operation and maintenance
    • Remote monitoring centers
    • Alert and analysis
    • Expert guidance
    • Third party remote operation and maintenance

(Also included is a focused report on air and water monitoring for each country with breakouts for continuous emissions analysers for air pollution measurement)

Separate forecasts in each region for 2016-30 are provided for Chemicals, Electronics, Transportation, Food, Metals, Mining, Oil and Gas, Other industries, Pharmaceutical, Power, Pulp and Paper, Refining, Stone, Municipal Wastewater, Municipal Water

Coverage of all countries grouped into the following regions:

NAFTA, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa, East Asia, West Asia.  Support data is supplied for every country e.g. projections of MW of each type of power generation, semiconductor production, MGD of secondary wastewater treatment.

Weekly Webinars:
You can participate in hour long webinars each week covering specific industries, products, and technologies. The recordings of past webinars are easily accessed.. The webinar schedule is shown at: IIoT Weekly Webinars

You also receive:

Industrial IOT and Remote O&M Newsletter (emailed monthly with on line access for all issues since 1999)

Intelligence System:  continually expanding database of case histories, white papers, and presentations

Recorded interviews and webinars e.g. nine hours of webinars for BHE Energy with presentations by Siemens, Emerson, GE, Doosan etc.

Networking Directories: Two directories with more than 5,000 companies and 10,000 contacts updated weekly.  (Monitoring Directory and Information Technologies Directory)

Deductions on complimentary product forecasts such as Valves, Pumps, Water Treatment Chemicals, Scrubbers, Filters.

Deductions on project tracking services in power, oil and gas, water, wastewater and other industries.

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