NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     October 2020

Wastewater Pump Market Shares and WEFTEC

There is continuing interest and value for pump suppliers to determine the present and future market shares of their competitors.  One of the most cost effective ways to gather insights is from exhibition participation.

This week a virtual WEFTEC is being conducted, It started Monday October 5 and runs through Friday. This annual exhibition normally attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Its focus is the wastewater industry. It is held in major U.S. cities with Chicago and New Orleans being hosts of this annual event on a fairly frequent basis.

WEFTEC is one of the world’s largest exhibitions for municipal wastewater products. It compares favorably with IFAT in Germany because it is held three times as often. It also compares favorably to Asian exhibitions.

It is therefore useful to determine

  • which pump companies are exhibiting,
  • what is their world pump market share
  • what are their niche leadership positions. A niche leadership can be a combination of geography, pump type, and application. Leadership is defined as being in a group of leading suppliers.


The centrifugal pump market in wastewater is much larger than rotary, reciprocating, or diaphragm.  The same is true for other industries.  So centrifugal pump manufacturers have the top rankings in the total market.

Municipal wastewater represents 15% of all industrial applications.

The importance of the wastewater market differs by pump type. It is only 9% of the market for reciprocating pumps, 17% for centrifugal  pumps, 19% for diaphragm pumps, and 21 % of the rotary market.


The market is not adversely affected by the pandemic. In fact the testing of wastewater for COVID is a new market niche.

The market shares of 400 pump companies are included in Pumps: World Market.  Click here for more information:

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