NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     February 2021

Three Step Mask Strategy Webinar Friday Feb 5 at 10:AM CST

On Friday, February 5, 2021 we will discuss a three step plan to assure that everyone is wearing tight fitting and efficient masks. The authors of the plan are

  • Devabhaktuni Srikrishna, founder of Patient Knowhow,.
  • Joseph Buccina, a director at In-Q-Tel’s B.Next, a strategic initiative focused on biotechnology and national security.
  • Dan Hanfling, MD, a clinical professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University, co-chair of the National Academy of Medicine Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness,
  • Monica Gandhi, MD, an infectious disease specialist, professor of medicine, medical director of the Ward 86 HIV Clinic, and director of the Center for AIDS Research at the University of California, San Francisco..
  • Donald Milton, MD, a professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health

Sri will provide a brief overview of the plan but we also ask attendees to view background details of each step in  the daily Alerts which can be accessed at:

We encourage you to participate and also to submit evidence, opinions etc. ahead of time. 

As Sri and the other authors point out the three step plan needs to be quickly implemented and “it is up to CEOs, mayors, and governors to implement these three steps to ensure consistent use of the best possible masks for vulnerable groups”.  Here is a proposed agenda of subjects to be addressed.

The three steps are (l) launching an awareness blitz, (2) advise on which masks should be worn and (3) prioritize masks for the vulnerable

  1. Launch an awareness blitz
    1. roles
      1. mainstream media including local news outlets
      2. role of association and occupational media including business and medical
  • suppliers from the large validators such as SGS and Eurofin to media suppliers to mask manufacturers
  1. CATER Mask Decisions
  1. message
    1. push - the need to mandate use of efficient masks
    2. pull - the advantage of using pull or incentives
      1. the safe bubble with the promise of full occupancy within the bubble
  • criteria
    1. general and absolute
    2. relative risk reduction as proposed by Mcilvaine
  1. product availability
    1. media
    2. masks
    3. timing
    4. geographies
  2. Communicate which type of masks people should wear
    1. N95
    2. CATER
    3. surgical mask with brace
    4. eN95
    5. other
  3. Prioritize masks for the vulnerable
    1. who
    2. location – should this extend to other countries?
    3. how
      1. vouchers
      2. direct distribution

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