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Winning Orders at the 1000 Largest Pharma Companies

Pharma Prospects provides suppliers of air, water, and energy (AWE) products with the ability to directly pursue the 1,0000 largest pharmaceutical prospects. This service can be furnished as part of a bigger initiative to win the orders. An example is plasma fractionation. This niche accounted for just under 10% of the AWE product sales to the industry of $35 billion in 2022.


The plasma fractionation market is growing at more than 6% per year. CSL and Grifols generate over 40% of the industry revenues. Takeda, Octapharma, and Kedrion are also among the top ten suppliers. The air, water, energy product opportunities at each company have to take into consideration other products and also contract  manufacturing.

Most of the $8 billion in revenues generated by CSL are tied to fractionation products. On the other hand Takeda with revenues of $32 billion is a larger AWE product purchaser even though their fractionation related sales are less than $3 billion.

The opportunity is also continually shaped by technology advances. GEA has a new separator.  Filter press suppliers are automating to decrease total cost of ownership. The future market for each of these competing products needs to be continually assessed with a lowest total cost of ownership (LTCO) analysis.

The LTCO analysis is being created in an Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) Causation Loop.  This includes fractionation articles appearing in many magazines as explained at

Pharma Prospects provides suppliers of Air, Water, Energy Products with analyses of the purchasers along with semiweekly project and market news. The extensive profiles are updated periodically.  A convenient search displays all the recent news on any of the purchasers.

This service is part of a bigger program which provides detailed forecasting of each product at each major prospect. Products and industry segments are shown at

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