NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    August 2022

Niche Market Share Analyses Provide Unique Insights

Market share analyses can be provided for a single company or many in any segment of air, water, and energy. For sales managers the purpose can be to assess one or more competitors.

For senior management it can be to analyze a market or an acquisition. Relevant current acquisitions can also be included.

McIlvaine  generates many millions of forecasts tor 80 countries, 17 major industry segments, 100 sub segments and hundreds of products. So the market share denominator is already established.  All that is needed is to determine the numerator.

This Emerson example shows what is immediately available.


The industry groupings are based on the following  segments.

In the Global Knowledge Orchard there are process trees such as gas turbine design and operation. One leaf may be turbine bypass valves.


There are product trees in the orchard with market share information. They can be progressively analyzed from trunk to branch to leaf.

McIlvaine is analyzing the market shares in the process trees such as gas turbines. This makes the task of analyzing specific products much easier.

The Emerson example is included in “ trunk  Market Shares”. The next level is branch shares and the most detailed level is leaf

Trunk Market Share  analyses are available in 15-25  categories.


Other trunk areas are shown below.


It is important to identify niche market share leadership at the leaf level. For example knife gate slurry valves for power plant FGD is an $80 million/yr market. When Tyco (acquired by Emerson) bought Clarkson Valve it became the leader in knife gate valves for mining and FGD. Acquisitions by others have also shaped the knife gate market. Relevant acquisition information in this market niche can be supplied. 

Examples of the leaf level focus are

Aeration blowers:

High Performance Valves:

Market shares at the trunk level are relatively inexpensive and very useful. They can precede evaluations at the branch and leaf level.

Bob McIlvaine can provide more information on this program. He can be reached at 847 226 2391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.