NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   May 2023

Improve the Thousands of Forecasts You are Already Using

When you stop to think about it you are budgeting your business time based on niche forecasts whether specific or general. You are relying on some internal research, sales leads, and an occasional top down-market report. The problem is that you decide to spend a week at the upcoming shale conference In Argentina not because there is a big world market in oil and gas pumps but because of a forecast you have of the potential for pumps for shale in Argentina. You don’t travel to Amgen in California because there is a growing valve market in biopharmaceuticals but because you forecast a big market with this company and its 3 plants.

If you are the CEO, you probably base your forecasts on the 9 biopharmaceutical regions in the U.S. In Europe you are focusing on Switzerland.

Since market forecasts are one of the biggest determinators of how time is spent, the value of accuracy is not in dispute. The value of having a forecast for each niche is clear.

Up until now there has been no one who could improve the accuracy of your niche forecasts. But now McIlvaine can offer valuable niche forecasting because:

  • We have been gathering the facts and creating the factors for many decades.
  • By covering all types of products used in air, water, and energy.

o   Process insights are better.

o   The cost of the analysis is distributed.

For example, we make forecasts in the power industry for every country and many dozens of products. This is further segmented into coal, nuclear, gas, hydropower, biomass, geoenergy, solar, and wind.

The forecasts are detailed for 80 countries with the option to expand to 250 with States, and Provinces included.

Much of the information relevant for fans, precipitators, scrubbers and filters is also just as relevant for pumps, valves and instrumentation.

The valve report has 800,000 forecasts not including some new niche options such as hydrogen or single use biopharmaceuticals.

$10 Trillion AWE Market


Since many of your people are relying on their own forecast now why not give them a chance to view ours and make comments.

If you are selling high performance products, we will bet that the improved market niche approach will be far better than sales leads. The reason is that the high-performance battle is waged long before the RFQ is issued, or a sales lead is sent to all your competitors.

Our program recognizes that a relatively small numbers of larger prospects buy most of the products and their purchases are predictable.

The large OEMs are also predictable purchasers.

For under $5,000 you can start with one of our reports and the excel spreadsheets to share with all your people

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Or call Bob Mcilvaine to answer your questions. He can be reached at 847 226 2391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.