NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   June 2023

Valve Forecasts as the Foundation of Business Strategy

Valve CEOs would agree that you need to include all the millions in costs to make good decisions. This level of detail is now available for sales forecasts and the ROI is at least as high.

The Mcilvaine industrial process valve report provides 800,000 forecasts.


The standard report is a good starting point. Details on the geographic, industry and product types are explained at

In cost accounting, it is not enough to know how much you pay for paint. You want the cost of paint for each product. With sales forecasts the goal would be to predict the sales of each product in each sales territory by industry and for the large purchasers within that industry.

Local salespeople, the marketing manager, each regional manager and various management people will want forecasts for a different combination of the 800,000 segments.  They will also want to divide some segments and then aggregate portions.

It is similar to LEGO.  The average set has 1000 pieces but there are over 900 million objects which can be created with combinations of pieces.

In a specific country we have a forecast for each valve type for upstream, mid-stream and refining.  But LNG is a big part of mid-stream. So separate forecasts for LNG are warranted not only for the pipelines and liquefaction but for shipping and regasification.

One client looking at midstream contracted to segment ball valves by trunnion versus floating and then segment into 10 sizes.

New opportunities such as hydrogen involve a number of different industries. Single use valves for biopharmaceuticals involve new and different valve types.

Some of these additional analyses are available on a multi-client basis as additions to the basic service   Hydrogen is one of them.  This report is described at

The whole concept of aggregating niches to determine the most profitable market is explained at