NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   September 2023

Lower Cost of Sales with Niche Market Forecasts

Niche forecasts and the focus on the most profitable ones is at the core of the Mcilvaine MPM program. It is detailed enough to be a sales guide and not just a reference. Production and purchasing also need the same level of detail or arguably even more. 

The salesman in S. California is targeting annual sales of diaphragm valves for biopharmaceuticals of $1 million. This includes a range of sizes. Niche forecasting by valve size is not very helpful to the salesman but is very important to production and purchasing.

The availability of this level of detail may sound like Utopia but it is already being guesstimated with each sales phone call and material purchase.

The Most Profitable Market (MPM) program replaces the guesstimates with reliable forecasts. These become the guide for the entire organization. They result in higher revenues and lower cost of sales.

Mcilvaine has been analyzing thousands of products in the air, water, energy markets in all the industries and countries for 49 years. It has created an Industrial Internet of Wisdom to evaluate new technical and regulatory developments.

There are two coordinated formulas for sales and production.

  1. Facts x Factors = Niche Market Forecasts x Value Propositions x Validation = MPM Maximum EBITDA
  2. Facts x Factors = Cost Forecasts x Manufacturing Options x Delivery Options = MPM Lowest Cost

Here is the structure from the sales perspective. pic1

Here is the structure from the cost control perspective.


The Mcilvaine Most Profitable Market Program can be introduced one niche at a time.  Details on the program are shown at

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