NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   May 2024

Air Pollution Control Market Could Surge to $170 billion/yr.

There is presently a $100 billion market for air pollution control.  Investments are down in Europe and the U.S but growing steadily in Asia. As a result, It has not been viewed as a growth market. But that has suddenly changed. Absorbers are now available which can take out 99% of the CO2.

If power, cement and waste to energy plants were to follow the lead of the largest coal plant in Europe, the CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced and we would be talking about net negative and not net zero.

Sales of CO2 absorbers, compressors, and related products could rise to $40 billion per year in just ten years time.


Given this new development we are predicting the market could rise to $170 billion/yr. by 2034.

Air pollution control involves more than just the treatment of air. Most gypsum wall board originates as gypsum formed in SO2 scrubbers.  Most cement contains fly ash captured by precipitators. Power plants consume 10 times as much water as municipalities.

Air pollution control is needed in most industrial facilities.  Semiconductor plants capture toxic fumes at each tool.  Food plants use odor scrubbers to keep the neighbors happy.

In this dynamic market a game plan is a challenge. Suppliers and their market researchers should take the lead from distributors and juxtaposition the activities of each type of process equipment and the needed components.

Mcilvaine views air pollution control as a galaxy in the trillion-dollar air, water, energy universe. The galaxy has stars and planets involved in specific processes, industries, and locations. Each move in synchronization.

The Mcilvaine program starts with a space telescope to map out the program.

Here is a preview of the air pollution map.

Air Pollution Control Market Overview

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