NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2015

200 Companies Account For 75 Percent of All Fabric Dust Collector and Bag Purchases

Two hundred end users and OEMs will purchase 75 percent of all the fabric filters and replacement bags in the next ten years. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in N021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market.

One hundred twenty-six companies will account for over 60 percent of the fabric filter system purchases in 2015 and over 50 percent of the purchases over the next ten years. The discrepancy between the concentration in one year and the concentration over time is that certain companies e.g. Eskom will buy a disproportionate quantity of filters in one year. The following analysis includes 50 cement companies, 50 power companies, 10 mining companies, 10 chemical companies and 6 steel companies. When another 24 steel and chemical companies are added, the total is 150 companies which will purchase over 60 percent of the systems and bags over the next ten years. An additional 50 companies will purchase another 15 percent bringing the total to 200 companies accounting for 75 percent of the total.

The following chart shows purchases by individual companies and groups.  The list is ranked by 2015 contribution to purchases. The largest individual purchaser is Eskom with 10 percent of the system purchases. Some small long range purchasers rank high on the 2015 list due to large one time projects.  Colorado Springs Utility and Essar Steel are examples (not shown in the extract below).  The importance of the onetime purchasers is much less in the bag segment than in total systems.

Fabric Filter Purchases by Company


% of 2015 Fabric Filter Market Potential
  ($ billion)
Market % of Potential Market


Present Pene-


% High


50   Power companies with 2015 purchases 20 10.0 Coal-Fired 5.4% 10 90  
Eskom 10 3.0 Coal Fired 1.6% 40 90  
Cement   companies, ranked 7-50 5 6.0 Cement 3.2% 80 60  
Top   10 Mining companies in 2015 4 5.0 Mining 2.7% 80 60  
Top   10 Chemical companies in 2015 4 5.0 Chemical 2.7% 80 40  
Steel   companies, ranked 2-6 3.3 5.0 Steel 2.7% 80 60  
Top   10 WTE in 2015 3 2.0 WTE 1.1% 80 95  
Arcelor   Mittal 1.3 2.0



Iron Ore

1.1% 80 50  
Lafarge 1.2 1.5 Cement 0.8% 80 60  
Holcim 1.2 1.5 Cement 0.8% 80 60  

Relatively few power companies are among the top purchasers in 2015 but many are among the top potential purchasers.  McIlvaine is tracking large conversions of precipitators to fabric filters. If all the coal-fired power plants converted to fabric filtration, the investment would be $80 billion just for the hardware and over $200 billion for the installed systems.  The systems would clean 8 billion cfm of flue gas and would require 4 billion square feet of filter bags.  The challenge is to determine how fast and how much capacity will switch. The market will be driven by the regulations in each country.  McIlvaine is assessing the effect and timing of these regulations and is adjusting its forecasts continually.

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