NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2016

The Top 200 Purchasers Buy More Than 50 Percent Of The World’s Industrial Air and Water Monitoring Equipment

The largest users of industrial air and water monitoring equipment are also the industries which are most concentrated.  A few oil and gas companies produce most of the oil and gas.  Large power companies produce most of the electricity. A few large electronics companies produce most of the semiconductors and flat panel displays.  In fact, Samsung is a leader in both products.

Due to the government ownership of wastewater plants in many countries and the growth of third party operators such as Veolia and Suez, the water and wastewater industry is also relatively concentrated in terms of decision makers.

Monitoring equipment suppliers sell directly to some large users and sell through distributors to others.  The percentage purchased by the large users is rising and calls for more focus on this segment by the suppliers.  This is the conclusion reached by McIlvaine Company in N031 Air and Water Monitoring: World Market.

The 2015 industrial air and water monitoring sales will exceed $10 billion.  Municipal water plants will be the largest purchasing sector followed by municipal wastewater and then power.


The McIlvaine Company has created a program for suppliers to maximize sales to the largest purchasers. It combines the air and water monitoring report with tracking of prospects and projects. Detailed Forecasting of Markets, Prospects and Projects.

For more information click on: N031 Air and Water Monitoring: World Market

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