NEWS RELEASE                                   MAY 2010

World Market for Cleanroom Consumables Will Rise to $8 Billion in 2015

In its new forecast the McIlvaine Company predicts that the revenues derived from sales of consumable products to cleanrooms will rise worldwide from $6 billion this year to over $8 billion in 2015.

 Subject Totals:  ($ Millions)

Subject                                   2015

Disposable Clothing                787

Gloves                                     1,670

Laundry                                   1,551

Paper                                          128

Reusable Clothing                   875

Supplies                                  2,048

Wipes                                         998

The largest purchasing industry will be the semiconductor industry followed by memory storage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities and then flat panel display manufacturers.

The Asian countries will be the largest purchasers in 2015.  The top ten purchasers of wipes will include eight Asian countries.

Subject:  Wipes ($ Millions)

Country                                  2015

United States                            180

Japan                                        133

Taiwan                                      119

South Korea                             113

China                                          74

Thailand                                      53

Malaysia                                     53

Philippines                                 27

Singapore                                   24

Germany                                     23

Europe continues to fall behind.  It will retain strength in pharmaceuticals but will be only a small purchaser in other segments.  U.S. giants such as ITW and DuPont are among the major international suppliers of cleanroom consumables.

The industry growth will be in tandem with that of miniaturization.  Nanotechnology is allowing the creation of smaller devices.  Defects in small devices can be caused by particles smaller than a micrometer in diameter.  This creates the need for consumable products which can contain human skin generated particles and consumables which do not themselves generate small particles.

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