NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         September 2018

Utility E-Alert Provides Important Weekly News Analysis of Coal Fired Power Developments

Here are some of the headlines in the August 24, and August 31 Utility E-Alerts. These 20 page weekly Alerts provide important analysis and facts for sales and general management of companies supplying combust, flow, and treat products and services.

In the U.S. owners of most of the 225,000 MW of coal fired boilers expected to be in service for the next 30 years are in somewhat of a quandary relative to the Trump roll back of air pollution rules. The Alert provides the latest twists and turns.

There is a very substantial ongoing investment in new coal plants and retrofits of environmental control in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Asia. The fact that NTPC is selecting dry sorbent injection for four plants is important. It opens the door for some technology other than wet limestone. Japanese and Chinese companies are providing financing and systems for Asian power generators. This gives an edge to CFT suppliers from those two countries.


  • Senators Carper and Alexander call on EPA to keep Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Rule in Place
  • EPA seeking Public Comment on Texas on BART Rule
  • Conemaugh Coal-fired Generating Station utilizes SUEZ’s Mobile Water Solutions to produce Boiler Feedwater


  • China's CMEC to complete upgrade of Serbian Power Plant in 2020
  • Romania's Hunedoara Energy Holding invests €65.3 Million in Desulfurization System
  • India will spend more than $61 Billion for APC Equipment
  • NTPC is upgrading existing Power Plants
  • Dry Sorbent Injection for Four NTPC Power Plants
  • NTPC recent Tenders
  • Precipitator and FGD problems at the Lakvijaya Power Plant in Ceylon
  • Sembcorp's Indian Plant wins Bangladesh Power Supply Tender
  • Clyde Bergemann supports conversion of Taichung Power Plant from Wet Bottom Ash Handling to an Eco-Friendly Dry Ash System using their DRYCON Technology
  • MHPS to participate in Vietnam's Nghi Son-2 Thermal Power Project


  • Coal-fired Power Plant Owners, Suppliers, Market Researchers and Publishing Companies need to work Together to provide Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Solutions
  • EPA proposes Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule
  • Energy Department selects additional advanced Combustion Projects to receive $3.3 Million
  • Reduce Boiler Corrosion and Chemical Costs with accurate pH Measurement
  • Dry Scrubber Users Conference slated for September 18-20
  • MEGA Symposium was held this Week
  • The Challenge of choosing the Best Coal-fired Power Plant Air Pollution Control Technologies
  • Godrej Process Equipment acquires Yuba and Ecolaire Brands from SPX Heat Transfer, USA

The Utility E-Alert can be purchased separately 41F Utility E-Alert or as part of the Utility Tracking System which has details on every coal fired power plant and profiles of the major generators 42EI Utility Tracking System

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