NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JULY 2013

Decisive Validation Is the Route to Better Decision Making In the Developing World

It is easy to buy the lowest cost product. It is very challenging to select the best product with the lowest life cycle cost. The buyer has to evaluate supplier claims. This is difficult and made even more difficult in developing countries where there are language problems and lack of experience.

There has been no organized system to help the buyer make the necessary evaluations. In contrast, the buyer can be assured that the supplier will adhere to quality management standards in the manufacture of the product through ISO 9000 and other ISO standards.

Decisive Validation is a process which will make it easy for the buyer to make the best purchasing choices. It involves a whole system with a decisive classification sequence. At each step along the way there is a decisive classification of the options and validation that the supplier product is the right choice.

An example of purchasing options for NOx reduction is displayed in the McIlvaine Global Decisions Orchard

DeNOx Decisively Classified Options for Coal, Cement, Incineration.

In addition to the conventional SCR and SNCR, there are three other options presented including ozone injection, hydrogen peroxide injection and the use of a catalytic filter. It is shown that the disadvantages of the chemicals are the operating cost, whereas, the disadvantage of the catalytic filter is lack of experience.

Each application is unique. In the case of the chemicals, it is necessary to show that in a specific application the cost of the chemicals will be more than offset by the lower capital cost. In the case of the catalytic filter, there is the need to show that there is ample commercial experience to satisfy the purchaser.

Decisive Validation with independent third party analysis using niche experts is the way to provide convincing evidence.

Niche Expert System

An additional challenge is to communicate the validation results to the purchaser. If his native language is Chinese, then the essence of the results along with the decisions sequence need to be provided in Chinese. The Global Decisions Orchard is a mechanism to make these results known.

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Validation costs can range widely. However, when the benefits of validation are compared to those for conventional sales efforts it is clear that validation should be a major undertaking.   One example of the benefits of validation is the white paper on use of single use vs. reusable surgical gowns.

Hospitals were leaning toward reusable gowns with the belief that they were greener. An extensive analysis showed that the water use and contamination aspects of reusables outweighed the greenhouse gases resulting from single use gown manufacture.

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