NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2013

1,890 Large Active Projects At Coal-fired Power Plants in China

Hundreds of large new coal-fired power plants comprising 480 units and 1,410 large environmental retrofit projects are active in China. These projects have all been identified in the McIlvaine Chinese Utility Plans.


New coal-fired power plants in next four years


Retrofit new FGD to older power plants


Upgrade old FGD systems


SCR retrofits


NOx upgrades




Over the next four years, China plans to install 480 new coal-fired boiler units. All of these systems will have FGD and DeNOx controls. Most will be supercritical large boilers of 600 MW. Those in arid areas will use dry cooling.

China plans to add FGD for 50,560 MW (130 units) of coal-fired units in service, the upgrade of 42.670 MW of coal-fired units which have FGD facilities but fail to reliably meet the standard (105 units), and the construction of DeNOx facilities for 400,000 MW (1,000 units) of coal-fired units in service and upgrade of 70,000 MW (175 units) of coal-fired units with low NOx systems.

In addition to these major projects, there are thousands of smaller projects. There are large numbers of projects to improve automation and efficiency. There is a focus on better measurement of emissions.

International suppliers are participating in a number of different ways. Those with superior components are finding that there is a market for their products even with the extra costs associated with import. Other suppliers are building factories in China serving not only the Chinese market but other countries in Asia. Both Alstom and Babcock & Wilcox are extensively involved in the Chinese market, as are the Japanese power plant equipment suppliers.

A number of the Chinese suppliers of FGD systems have large reference lists. Chinese precipitator manufacturers out produce their international competitors.

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