NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2014

Large Gas Turbine Aftermarket

Gas turbines are the leading choice for additional capacity in the U.S. and Europe. As a result, in 2015 installed gas turbines will be capable of generating 1.3 million MW of electricity.  This large and growing installed base has generated a substantial market for turbine components, steam cycle components, intake air filters and treatment chemicals. A number of McIlvaine publications forecast these expenditures and track the individual plant activity.

The trend is away from peaking units and toward combined cycle operation. One reason is the higher global warming potential of peaking units. The aftermarket potential for a combined cycle plant is 20 percent higher than for a peaking plant with the same electrical output. However, sales of some products are lower.  Air intake filters and gas turbine component replacement sales are lower. However, steam turbine, HRSG, water filtration, pump and valve replacement sales are higher.

Many new plants are opting for zero liquid discharge. There are two options. One is dry cooling. Many Chinese plants are being equipped with air cooled condensers.  This is due to the water scarcity in the country.  Some new gas turbines in the U.S. are also opting for dry cooling. Most new turbines in the arid southwest are being equipped with air cooled condensers. Some new plants in areas where water is plentiful have also opted for dry cooling. The reason is to fast track construction and avoid water permit requirements.

A second option is to use wet cooling with water recycling.  A bleed loop is directed to a filtration and evaporation system.  This results in pure water recovery and waste which can be disposed as a solid. This option has become quite popular.  It can be combined with use of municipal wastewater to eliminate any water withdrawal.

The frequent cycling of turbine units which are working in tandem with solar and wind generation has resulted in a larger repair market than for units operating in a steady state. Problems such as stellite delamination of valves have been encountered.

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