NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2014

Power, Water and Wastewater Are Three Big Water Treatment Chemicals Markets

The power industry will buy 20 percent of the water treatment chemicals purchased by industries around the world in 2015. This is the conclusion of the McIlvaine Company in its Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals: World Market

($ Millions)



 Oil & Gas




 Pulp & Paper









Within power the biggest sector will be coal-fired power. Treatment chemicals are needed for boiler feedwater, cooling, wastewater and flue gas treatment. Gas turbine combined cycle plants represent the fastest growing sector. There are many new plants under construction. Also a number of peaking plants are being converted to combined cycle operation.

Power plants are frequently opting for wastewater treatment systems with no discharge to waterways. These zero liquid discharge systems use lots of treatment chemicals as well as heat for evaporation.

Municipal wastewater and drinking plants will purchase chemicals totaling $10 billion in 2015. The biggest growth is in Asia where many new plants are being constructed.

There are many chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas extraction.  However, these are not included as water treatment chemicals.  If they were included the $1 billion oil and gas sector would be much larger.

Paper making chemicals are not included in the pulp and paper segment, otherwise this segment would also be much larger.

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