NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    AUGUST 2015

NOx Control Market Leveling Off but At a High Level

The Chinese program to retrofit SCR on most of its coal-fired power plants has created a huge spike in the market for NOx control systems and the SCR catalysts.  One result has been hundreds of thousands of M3 catalyst manufacturing capacity being added in China.  Over the last decade, China has risen from a position of no local catalyst manufacturing capacity to become the leading supplier worldwide.  At the same time, Chinese system suppliers have become leaders as well.  Longyuan is now a world leader in terms of installed SCR megawatts.

No. Chinese SCR   System Suppliers
1 Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental   Engineering Co., Ltd.
2 Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd.
3 Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd.
4 China Datang Technologies &   Engineering Co., Ltd
5 Zhejiang Tiandi Environmental Protection   Engineering Co., Ltd.
6 China Huadian Engineering
7 Tsinghua Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd.

The big coal retrofit program is coming to an end not only in China but throughout Europe and the U.S. India shows no signs of considering NOx control.  So the market for new SCR systems for coal-fired boilers will be smaller in the future than in the recent past.

The market for SCR systems for gas turbines is on the rise.  Many new gas turbines are being installed in the U.S. All have SCR systems and many have oxidation catalysts as well.  Some European power plants originally installed without NOx control are being required to retrofit the systems.

Industrial plants will also be spending more for NOx control than in the past. Many large industrial sources do not have SCR systems in place.  They will be considering alternatives such as SNCR and hybrid systems as well as SCR.  In furnace combustion, control is a key part of the solution as well.

The recently developed catalytic filters are likely to capture considerable market share. Clear Edge Division of Filtration Group and Haldor Topsoe/Unifrax are among the developers of this new technology.

Ozone generation is another approach which can be combined with scrubbers for NOx reduction. When combined with ammonia scrubbers a salable ammonium nitrate is produced.

The markets, technology and regulations are all covered in N035 NOx Control World Market