NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        December 2019

Most Profitable Market Program for Flow and Treat Companies in the Power Industry

Market research has been used as a peripheral tool by power plant flow and treat product providers. Now it can be the foundation of a program to successfully pursue the Most Profitable Market (MPM). There is already enough information available through media, associations, conferences and internet resources to determine the best prospects and then convince them that the supplier has a better product.  McIlvaine can provide the market forecasts which can be used to pursue this unique new approach based on customer knowledge and not sales leads.


Present Approach


Sales Initiation

Sales Leads and Reps

Predicted Prospects

Market Research


Foundation of Approach

Sales Promotion

Unstructured and Reactive

Structured and Proactive

Sales Success


Lowest Cost of Ownership Evidence and Delivery

McIlvaine can provide the market research. Suppliers can promote their products in a structured and proactive manner by working with the media, conference organizers, consultants, and associations with a structured approach which breaks down traditional silos. Here is an example.

At PowerGen International in New Orleans Clarion introduced new approaches to organizing knowledge and connecting the seekers and those with the answers. There were Knowledge hubs and arranged meetings with programs called “Connect” and “Match” McIlvaine  contributed with organized knowledge access in a number of areas as explained at

One successful example of  the structured proactive started with PowerGen Connect and ended with a brief meeting at a consultant stand. Speakers and exhibitors shared thoughts on flyash reclamation and reuse in the U.S. and India.  Another example utilized articles in Power Engineering plus the  knowledge of treatment chemical experts to analyze a very promising technology for improving efficiency of limestone scrubbers.  While this may be a minor opportunity in the U.S it is a huge opportunity in India and should continue to be pursued at PowerGen India and in conferences organized by Mission Energy who also has an upcoming 2020 flyash utilization conference in India.

There were a number of valve exhibitors identified in the McIlvaine PowerGen tour guide. A very narrow application “turbine bypass valves” was selected to demonstrate the value of pursuing each niche.  McIlvaine is working with IVAMA (Indian Valve Manufacturers Association) and writes more than one feature article on valves each month for major publications. There are a number of good articles on valves archived in Power Engineering.

The support of utility associations such as EPRI, VGB, Mission Energy and others can be pursued because the MPM for suppliers is the lowest total cost of ownership solution for the operators.

McIlvaine tracks all the major power projects and has analysis of every coal fired power plant operator in the world with more than 1000 MW of installed or planned capacity.

McIlvaine tracks GTCC projects as well as nuclear and renewable. 

For 40 years it has sought to provide organized access to the information on coal fired flow and treat technology with

McIlvaine standard market reports provide the Total Available Market at each major prospect. With MPM this is expanded to identify and then convince those customers who will provide the company with the greatest profits.

McIlvaine needs assistance  to forecast the most profitable markets. The supplier also needs this crucial information.  It can be obtained in an organized approach where knowledge is shared.

Determination Needs

Knowledge Sharing

Product use in each power process by fuel type

Knowledge networks providing access to media, conference and association resources

Determine the market for each process

Free flowing solids includes coal, limestone, gypsum, ash; liquids include water, slurries, process liquids and gases would include steam (all being forecast by McIlvaine in each country)

Determine the use for the product in each process

Knowledge networks providing  access to media, conference and association resources

Determine the purchases by each major customer

Analysis already available for coal, nuclear, GTCC, and renewables generators with 95% of capacity. It is customized for a specific offering  with knowledge networks.

Analyze competitor market share and offerings

This includes analysis of all advertising and exhibition activity including niche as well as major events.  Media can provide this data to advertisers.

Compare lowest total cost of ownership

Knowledge networks providing  access to media, conference and association resources are supplemented by webinars.

Pursue markets where high margins are not offset by high  sales costs

Associations, media,  and conferences can be leveraged in an organized market campaign which can include collaboration with other divisions or with complimentary product suppliers

Develop new and better solutions

Access to all the available information is necessary to determine what is needed.

The starting points for the program are the standard or customized market reports described at  - Markets.  The Most Profitable Market Program is also explained in detail from a home page link.

Bob McIlvaine can answer your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  direct 847 784 0013 cell 847 226 2391