NEWS RELEASE                                                                                      January 2020

Urgent Answers for Flow and Treat Suppliers

The CEO may be evaluating an acquisition and needs a question answered immediately.  The valve salesman covering BASF may be bidding a large project and want to know which  companies have supplied control valves  for condition monitoring. The Asian sales manager may want to plan his next trip to India so that he visits the most important prospects. The business development manager may want an opinion as to the impact of the U.S. endorsement of the trillion tree program.

These are all questions which require answers immediately.  The McIlvaine Company has nearly 100 services which provide answers to these types of questions .  However, they are only available to subscribers and they take time to search. 

An alternative is the “Urgent Answer” program.  The response can be a phone call, webinar or report. The client does not have to be a subscriber.


Answers are available for both market and technology questions.  If it is important to know the size of the market in California or Thailand for valves, pumps, filters, centrifuges, etc. it is instantly available.  If you want to know market share by FGD scrubber type in India it can be provided.

The Urgent Answer Program can be expanded to include monthly webinars on predetermined subjects or speeches at sales meetings.

For more information on this program contact Bob McIlvaine at 847 784 0013 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.