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McIlvaine Provides a Coronavirus Solution Bridge Between Suppliers and the Food Processing Industry

Food processors around the world employ millions of workers and generate trillions of dollars in annual sales. The U.S meat packing industry has  reported over 10,000 coronavirus cases. At least 170 plants in 29 states have had one or more workers test positive for the coronavirus.  Social distancing is not an option as shown by this poultry processing plant.


The initiative to install partitions and to choose masks less efficient than N95 will not be a solution.  Instead a whole suite of control technologies with foot sanitizers, fan filter units, laminar air flow, N95 masks and other PPE will be the answer

McIlvaine is acting as a bridge between suppliers and food processors to help them understand their options and make the best decisions for their plants. Daily Alerts, interviews and webinars are part of the McIlvaine program. The daily Alerts have details on specific plant problems and solutions which are cost effective.  They can be searched as per the example for “pork” below

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1. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... April 16, 2020 Ventilation and Filtration Important in Buildings to Mitigate the Virus Impact Pork Processing Plant in South Dakota Tries to Cope with 600 COVID Cases Meat Processing Plants ...

2. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... for JBS, the American subsidiary of the world's largest processor of fresh beef and pork. This week there probably will be around 500,000 head processed at U.S ...

4. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... scanner purchases. So far, the scanners have been installed in four facilities; pork plants in Iowa and Indiana and poultry plants in Arkansas and Georgia. The company ...

5. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... Workers Return to Wisconsin Meat Plant with 85 Positive Cases 116 COVID Cases at Oklahoma Pork Plant UNMC Provides a Draft Guidance on HVAC and Masks for Meat Processors ____ ...

6. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... That has a big implication for Hong Kong, which imported all of its fresh pork and 94 per cent of its fresh beef from mainland China. Billion Dollar Meat ...

7. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... which are federally inspected. In March, the country saw meat, beef and pork production reach record highs, according to the US Agriculture Department (USDA) . ...

8. McIlvaine Coronavirus Market Ale

... improve product quality. Studies have shown that cleaner environments can result in extension of pork shelf life by 12 days. Here are some of the mitigation technologies which can ...

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... been investigated and deemed unfounded. In Buchanan County, Missouri, a Triumph Foods pork plant in St. Joseph is the only cluster of virus outbreaks, said Mary ...

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... . These facilities represent more than 1 in 3 of the nation's biggest beef, pork and poultry processing plants. Rates of infection around these plants are higher than those ...

 McIlvaine assists suppliers reaching those with needs as per the following example.


Over 500,000 people work in the animal slaughtering and processing industry in the U.S. 331,000 are in production. The top 100 U.S. based meat processing companies employ more than 500,000 people but many are not in the plants. Nevertheless office workers will need to be protected as well. 


Food processing is just one of the applications covered in this worldwide service.

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