NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     May 2020

Win the War with Coronavirus Technology Solutions

Shelter in place may have won the first battle but not the war with COVID. The war needs to be won not by defense but by attacking with the right strategy and weapons. Attacking without regard to lives lost is similar to the slaughter in the trenches in WWI.

The weapons are available to win the war with minimum sacrifice. New research shows that the enemy has airborne capabilities of which we previously were unaware. But there is newly developed technology for a successful attack.  Coronavirus Technology Solutions provides the successful battle plan. It is based on understanding the needs and the ways to meet those needs.

It starts with anticipating  the potential case load by season and country in the coming months under various scenarios. This analysis defines the needs.


A proactive program is then formulated around those needs. Implementation includes obtaining agreement as to the efficacy of the program. The new research shows that it is not the foot soldiers but the air force which is the biggest danger. This needs to be communicated. The devil is in the details. For each factor we need to consider a number of variables.


Potential Case Load:  When there are reports of the minimum infectious dose being as low as 10 virions combined with reports that a lusty singer in a Washington state church choir was able to exhale thousands of virions per minute and infect 45 out 60 safely distanced members it is clear that the enemy air force is a real danger.  McIlvaine has been involved for decades in the analysis of transmission of small particles in the air. This phenomenon is at the heart of air pollution, indoor air and cleanroom technology where McIlvaine has multiple publications.

The potential case load is also a function of development of new vaccines and therapies and the production of sufficient quantities to protect billions of people. This requires a huge investment not only by pharmaceutical companies but by contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).   McIlvaine has a service which is tracking the progress of each potential vaccine and therapy.  Forecasts for a range filtration products are being made in part based on assumptions relative to the success and timing of vaccine and therapy availability.

Identify Needs:  Removing aerosols requires filter media which removes 0.3 micron particles but allows the wearer to breathe easily. There is a scarcity of meltblown filter media but nanofiber membrane media is available which is washable and meets the requirements.  McIlvaine is tracking the availability of media as well as reagents and other test kit components.

Design Proactive Program: There is a combination of systems, components and consumables which need to be available and in combination provide safety at reasonable costs. These products and services are being analyzed on a daily basis.

Implement the Program:  McIlvaine is interfacing with hospitals, food processors, restaurants and other end users. It is conducting webinars with presentations by experts in filtration and healthcare. A bridge between suppliers and users is created.

Collaboration:  The pandemic is a problem for the world. The fact that the demand is peaking at different times in different countries offers an opportunity for a world approach. The fact that South Korea can supply large numbers of test kits is because of a large investment in automated cleanrooms. It is no coincidence that Samsung Biologics provides more than a quarter of the world’s contract biopharmaceutical production. The first successful vaccine could come from any country. Suppliers can also collaborate to a much greater extent. Suppliers of foot sanitizers, walk through temperature scanners, fan filter units and air monitors all have complementary products.

Cost effective and Safe Solution:  The program provides a way to return to near normal quickly and safely. 

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