NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     June 2020

Webinar on 18th will Address the Importance of Masks for the Wearer

Fifty pages of background data is being made available to registrants for the Mask Policy webinar on June 18 at 10:AM CDT.  There is a strong argument to be made that efficient masks for the wearer should be the foundation of COVID mitigation strategy.  It is based on mounting evidence that some of the virus is transmitted as very fine aerosols. Virus characteristics are one of the four key factors in mask media selection. Another key factor involves the wearer and his physical health and activities. 


Another factor involves the environmental conditions including virus prevalence, distance from other people, air patterns, and temperature.

The one factor which is mostly controlled by the filtration industry is the mask design and its availability. Increasing the availability of meltblown media is one of the solutions. However, alternative materials which would provide greater efficiency, breathability, comfort and virus inactivation  are also available or in development.

The background document is available at  Mask Policy Review

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