NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    June 2022

Millions of Cleanroom Market Forecasts, Projects, Market Shares and Acquisitions Continually Updated

Forecasts for coveralls, gloves, HEPA filters isolators and other cleanroom products are continually adjusted. Constant revision is needed due to

  • Rapidly changing world events
  • Technology improvements
  • Product Improvements
  • Industry trends
  • Regulations
  • Geographic shifts

The McIlvaine Company is able to generate millions of reliable forecasts because of its holistic approach. Cleanroom Projects has been identifying new rooms continually for more than 30 years. Pharmaceutical Prospects is published weekly and analyzes not only cleanroom related developments but process technology including filtration, centrifugation, monitoring, valves, pumps, and air pollution control.  All these products are inter-related. One of the new developments to avoid downtime for cleaning in blood fractionation is to purchase a duplicate centrifuge bowl. The cleanroom has to be expanded to allow this movement of heavy machinery each time cleaning is needed.

With this understanding of industries and technology McIlvaine is able to create forecasts with space by cleanroom class and number of employees in each industry and country. This is the foundation of the forecasts.

World Cleanroom Markets includes the background analysis and electronic forecasts for each product.

The following detail is provided

  • 5 year history and 5 year forecast
  • Each of 80 countries and sub regions
  • Each of 10 industries
  • Each of 5 ISO classes
  • 44,000 forecasts of cleanroom space in ft2
  • 44,000 forecasts of # of employees
  • Forecasts in units for each product
  • Forecasts in $ for each product


The 80 countries are aggregated by

  • Grouping the minor 120 counties into appropriate sub-sub regions..
  • Grouping minor and 72 listed countries into sub regions.
  • Further grouping into major regions of the world
  • Aggregation of regions into Asia, America, EMEA.

Forecasts are provided for the following industries.

The following products can be selected for unit and revenue forecasts.


Subscribers also receive bi monthly analysis of  acquisitions. These articles have value for years because they often show the revenues of the acquired company and reveal the strategy of the acquirer. They are important for market share analysis.

A number of acquisitions by CWS show the growing CWS share In the cleanroom garment  processing and cleaning market in Europe. Elis is making similar moves in South America. The acquisitions in the U.S. show the rise of a few large garment processors in the U.S.

The  acquisition of Aircare Automation by FAIX Capital is one of the  examples of participation by private equity firms.

A number of acquisitions by Asgard have resulted in a growing share of the room market in Europe and the U.S. G-Con is moving from just supplying pods to supply components such as walls.

The Complete May 2022 Cleanroom Acquisition Update

McIlvaine has been providing monthly updates and analyses on cleanrooms for 35 years. The data since 2003 is on line. Older data is useful for technical but also acquisition analysis.  The following 11 year old analysis discusses the activities of Joe Govier and Connect 2 Cleanroom.

This gives perspective to the recent sale of Connect 2 Cleanroom to Asgard as shown in the February Acquisition Updates.

Additional components of the report include

  • Monthly Market Updates with latest trends in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other purchasing industries
  • Networking directory with more than 1000 companies including people and contacts

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