NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    August 2022

IIoT Market Niches, Shares and Acquisitions Constantly Change

New guide control, and measure technology is continually shaping the IIoT markets. The magnitude of change is greater in some of the niches than in the total market. This dictates a growth strategy targeting high growth niches. McIlvaine analyses these high growth niches and the market shares of participants. The impact of acquisitions is also assessed. A monthly newsletter provides acquisition and market share updates. Here are the contents of the July issue.


July 2022  No. 512


  • Acquisition and Expansion Guide in Air, Water, and Energy
  • Thousands of AWE Market Niches Will Shape a $300 Billion IIoT Market
  • Millions of Cleanroom Market Forecasts, Projects, Market Shares and Acquisitions Continually Updated
  • The Role of Private Equity for Small and Mid-Sized Companies


  • An Inside View to Your Pump’s Health
  • Machine Learning For RO Shows Up To 18% Energy Savings
  • Machine Learning For RO Increases Permeate Production by 6.2%,
  • Regal Rexnord Monitoring System Prevents Quarry Flooding
  • Baker Hughes Says Vortex Ultrasonic Flow Meter Is The LTCO
  • Ultrasonic Measurement For The Downstream Market 
  • Pyro Process Optimization using Modern Gas Analyzer Systems
  • Green, Blue, and What to do With the CO2
  • Cement Kiln Monitoring
  • ICK takes over MOBILISIS
  • Emerson  2021 AUTOMATION SOLUTION Sales Were 11.6 Billion and
  • BH Expanding Digital Solutions Business
  • Generational Equity Advises CK Environmental in its Sale to Alliance

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