NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   May 2023

Hydrogen Valve Revenues Growing at Double Digit Rates

Mcilvaine has completed a comprehensive analysis and forecast of the valve market for hydrogen applications. The focus is on process valves and not the very small valves used with fuel cells.

Coverage includes:


The report analyzes the market for gray, green, blue and yellow hydrogen. Much of the near-term valve potential is in gray and blue hydrogen. The gray hydrogen includes the valves for partial combustion and also for purification processes such as pressure swing adsorption. For molecular sieve switching metal seated ball valves compete with triple offset butterfly valves.

The potential for yellow hydrogen is substantial. Environmentalists have recognized the need for carbon negative processes. Biomass combustion with carbon capture and sequestration (BECCS) is the only cost effective carbon negative option.

The conversion from gray to blue hydrogen entails carbon capture and sequestration. The many valves in the absorption and separation as well as liquefaction and transport are included.

The report provides over 23,000 forecasts by country, valve type, function and application for the 2022-28 period.


There is also an analysis by region.


The report includes analysis of the valve companies and the products which they are supplying for hydrogen applications. McIlvaine also has an acquisition database which sheds light on how companies such as Atlas Coco and Ingersoll Rand have combined valves with compressors and other complementary products to pursue markets such as hydrogen.

Mcilvaine also maintains an exhibition database which is very valuable in determining competitor strategies. One hydrogen conference in June will have more than 10 valve exhibitors.

The Hydrogen Valve Market report is available separately or in combination with Industrial Valves: Word Market. Additional options for periodic updating of the analysis, forecasts, acquisitions, and exhibitions is available.

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