NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   August 2023

Clean Room Filters Analyzed in the Productivity Hub

Last week Mcilvaine launched the AWE Productivity Hub to help suppliers validate value propositions and for purchasers to reduce the cost of ownership.  It is the final step in the Mcilvaine MPM program which helps suppliers identify the most profitable niches and prepare value propositions for them.

This week we picked cleanroom filters as an example of how the Hub can be utilized.  The segments include Analyses, Media, Value Participants - Brief, Value Propositions - Participants, Discussions and News

The first Participant Value Propositions include several on MHI power products and one on cleanrooms supplied by AES Clean Technology. They have a pre-designed modular cleanroom and are concerned about breaks in the filter media slowing down the installation process. They also want to make the best choices between HEPA and ULPA and between glass versus membranes.

AES Clean was a participant in our 2018 Discussion which is in the Hub.


This section provides the background data. One of the many segments is on the total cost of ownership of cleanroom filters

This comparison of media materials and configurations was published by Mcilvaine in 2018 and represents summaries of webinars and other discussions with vendors and one purchaser, AES Clean. Here are extracts from this discussion.


Membranes have advantages over glass. MPPS not the best way to determine efficiency.

AES Clean Technology

Project schedule is critical and one of the risks is damaged HEPA filters.


Improved stiffness and mechanical resistance reduce glass fragility.


Polymeric thick media has more effective filtration area than glass and less risk of failure.


Glass with clean pleats has better efficiency/energy ratio.

Nitto Denko

ULPA with two membrane layers sandwiched between non wovens has low outgassing.

M +H

Tri-Pure HEPA/ULPA has low profile for use in sensitive areas.

Parker Hannifin

MICROPLEAT is available in a range of blends.

We are now expanding this original effort and have been compiling information in the Hub.




cell and gene


Complete Solutions from design through operation



cell and gene


Facililfex standardized modules increase flexibility and reduce cost


Clean Air Products

cell and gene

Fan Filter Unit

Low headroom FFU with ULPA filter has high efficiency


Cleanroom Technology

August 2023

Variable Air Flow has Advantages in Contamination Control and Energy Loss


August 2023

Facts and Factors to be Considered by the Cleanroom Supplier


August 2023

Cleanroom Supplier Value Propositions for Cell and Gene

Vendor Sites

August 2023

ULPA vs HEPA Filters for C&G with Insights from Angstrom and American 


August 2023       Cleanroom Supplier Value Propositions for Cell and Gene

August 2023       Integrated Decontamination Systems



AES Clean

cell and gene


FacilIflex pre-designed modular rooms maximize flexibility and reduce project time and cost

Discussions will be continuous. The number and subject matter will be in part determined by the Participants who realize that their value propositions are more credible if others including competitors are able to express their claims.

Information on the Most Profitable Market Program and links to the Hub are found at

Bob Mcilvaine can answer questions relative to Hub contributions and the MPM program and can be reached at 847 226 2391, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.