NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   August 2023

Niche Profits from Prediction to Achievement

30% EBITDA and 20% market share can be predicted for each suitable niche. But it is a circular process. MHI is predicted to be the leader in BECCS.  Their development of a reagent to capture 99% of the CO2 is a game changer. AES Clean is the leader in cell and gene cleanrooms. But this is an industry where new technology from single use process equipment to integrated decontamination systems are affecting sales and profits.  So, if a prediction is going to be the basis of business strategy it has to take into account all relevant facts and factors.  This analysis also is the basis of the Value Proposition where the supplier seeks customer validation that the product will be the best for his specific problem.

The Most Profitable Market Program has introduced the AWE Productivity Hub to complete the circular process emanating from the niche forecasts.


The program can be instituted one niche at a time. The ROI can be as high as 50-1. This means that the first niche investment quickly funds others.

For more information contact Bob Mcilvaine at 847 226 2391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.