NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2015

$2.7 Billion Market for Catalyst for Stationary NOx and CO Control

This year power plants, gas turbine, stationary engine and incinerator operators will spend $2.7 billion for NOx and CO catalyst.  This is the latest forecast in the McIlvaine publication NOx Control World Market.

2015 NOx and CO Catalyst Revenues
Category    $ Millions
SCR   Catalyst       1,700
NSCR   Catalyst          500
Oxidation   Catalyst          500
Total       2,700

The market for catalyst for coal-fired boilers will fall over the next two years and then regain and surpass the present level.  The reason is that China is just completing a retrofit program to install SCR on 400,000 MW of existing coal-fired capacity.  Catalyst is only replaced every five years. The surge in orders raised the market to an unsustainable level.

SCR and oxidation catalyst sales for gas turbines will grow substantially.  The biggest market will be the U.S.  Europe is considering regulations which would require SCR on gas turbines. However, the rule is only under discussion and firm emission limits are not yet set.

Selective non-catalytic and hybrid systems are finding markets in cement, chemical and the oil and gas industry.   Catalyst cleaning is a $500 million market and includes physical cleaning, chemical cleaning and renovation with new precious metals.

The NOx control system market is in excess of $18 billion/yr.  It is dominated by boiler companies such as B&W, Doosan and Mitsubishi.   Longking and other Chinese suppliers are also major suppliers. The Chinese suppliers have benefited from the very large retrofit market.  They are now adjusting to the smaller market associated with the new generation plants.

Lots of new coal-fired boilers are under planning and construction in India, Indonesia and Vietnam but most will not utilize highly efficient NOx control.  Low NOx burners will suffice to reach the required limits.

Forecasts for ammonia injection systems, urea, aqueous ammonia, anhydrous ammonia, diverters, high temperature catalysts and continuous emissions monitors are also included in the NOx Control World Market