NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2015

68,000 MW of New Gas Turbine Plants Will Begin Operation In 2015

Over 100 gas turbine projects totaling more than 68,000 MW are scheduled for startup in 2016.  These projects are all tracked in Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Supplier Program. 15,000 MW are slated for the U.S. while 53,000 MW are located in other countries  Most of the U.S. plants will include a steam cycle.  All will require emission control systems with selective catalytic reduction technology. Some will incorporate zero liquid discharge for the cooling and wastewater.

United   States   Summary Total for Startup Date:  
   Fuel      Total Size (MW)  
Gas 14980
   Fuel      Project Name      Size  
Gas Alpine GT - Wolverine Power, MI 400
Gas Brownsville CCGT - Tenaska/Brownsville Public   Utilities, TX 800
Gas Brunswick County CCGT - Dominion   Virginia Power, VA 1358
Gas Carty CCGT - Portland General Electric,   OR 440
Gas FGE Texas I CCGT - FGE, TX 726
Gas George M Sullivan CCGT expansion -   Anchorage Municipal Light & Power, AK 120
Gas Glenarm CCGT expansion - Pasadena Water   & Power, CA 71
Gas Good Spring 1 CCGT - EmberClear, PA 300
Gas La Luz Energy Center GT - Public Service   of New Mexico, NM 88
Gas La Paloma CCGT - Coronado Ventures, TX 700
Gas Liberty CCGT - Panda Power Funds, PA 825
Gas Montana Power Station Unit 3 GT - El   Paso Electric, TX 88
Gas Newark Energy Center CCGT - EIF, NJ 625
Gas Oakley CCGT - PG&E, CA 586
Gas Patriot CCGT - Panda Power Funds, PA 829
Gas Pecan Creek Energy Center GT - NTE   Energy, TX 270
Gas Pondera King CCGT - Competitive Power   Ventures, TX 900
Gas Port Everglades Energy Center CCGT -   Florida Power & Light, FL 1277
Gas Rayonier Fibers CHP GT - Chesapeake   Utilities, FL 20
Gas Riverton 12 combined cycle conversion -   Empire District Electric Co., KS 100
Gas Roans Prairie peakers - Tenaska, TX 694
Gas Sand Hill 5B CCGT expansion - Austin   Energy, TX 222
Gas St. Joseph Energy Center CCGT -   Development Partners, IN 1350
Gas Temple II CCGT - Panda Power Funds, TX 791
Gas Toquop CCGT - EWP Renewable, NV 700
Gas Woodbridge Energy Center CCGT - CPV, NJ 700

The U.S. total could increase if one or more of the Eagle Pines turbines becomes operational. The 3,400 MW Eagle Pines Project will include three natural gas-fired combined cycle power blocks.  Each block will consist of two 321 MW Alstom GT36 combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one 502 MW steam turbine.  The combustion turbines may employ evaporative cooling and/or inlet high fogging for power enhancement.  Each heat recovery steam generator is equipped with natural gas-fired duct burners.  The construction of the first power block is planned to begin in the spring of 2016.  Construction of the subsequent two power blocks are planned to begin fall of 2016 and winter of 2017. 

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