NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        OCTOBER 2015

Chinese Market for Centrifuges Dominated By International Suppliers

Chinese industrial plants are buying more decanter centrifuges, disc separators and basket centrifuges from international suppliers than from domestic suppliers.  This is the conclusion reached in Sedimentation and Centrifugation World Markets published by The McIlvaine Company.

Chinese purchases of sedimentation and centrifugation equipment will exceed $2.1 billion this year.

   Subject      2015  
 Total  2,187
 Clarifier  1,042
 Decanter  207
 Disc  378
 Dissolved   Air Flotation  198
 Hydrocyclone  165
 Other   Centrifuges  197

A majority of the clarifers and hydrocyclones will be purchased from Chinese companies. Some have licenses from international companies.  The majority of the disc, decanter and other centrifuges will be purchased from international suppliers with manufacturing operations in China.

The separator and decanter international companies active in China include Alfa Laval, GE, Mitsubishi, Pieralisi, Andritz, SPX and Flottweg.

Alfa Laval sells heat exchangers as well as centrifuges.  The company’s production transfer from Aalborg, Denmark, to Qingdao, China has been under way since the 1990s. The process was completed in 2014 following the final relocation of the company’s heat exchanger and oil burner manufacturing.  Decanter centrifuges are now produced in China as well. The company also exports from China. Since their heat exchanger products are targeted at the shipbuilding industry, which is largely concentrated in China, South Korea and Japan.

Pieralisi Group provides spare parts and technical advice from its plant in Liaocheng City in Shandong province. The company has 17 production centers including the one in China plus others in Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Tunisia and Russia.  The combined surface area is 97,000 M2. Group revenue exceeds Euro 140 million.  Pieralisi is the world leader in olive oil processing.

GEA is a major supplier of decanters and separators.  2014 sales were Euro 4.5 billion with an even split between equipment and solutions.  The penetration of the Chinese market is accomplished more easily with solutions than with just the hardware.  GEA is a leader in the food sector and offers complete processing systems for dairies, and various food and beverage products.

Andritzhas supplied more than 1000 centrifuges in China and is currently delivering centrifuges to a Chinese coal fired power plant. Prevfious orders include Huayang Mengjin power plant where four decanter centrifuges were provided. The decanters are best for calcium sulfite sludges which are difficult to dewater.  This type of sludge is typical of inhibited oxidation FGD systems.   The basket centrifuge delivers a drier gypsum cake than the traditional belt filter when used with calcium sulfate sludge.  The basket centrifuge is also used for ammonium sulfate sludge.  Andritz bought Krauss Maffei some years ago and offers both the decanter centrifuge and the basket design.

Andritz has carved out a large position in China.  The Group sales were Euro 6 billion in 2014.  Sales in China were MRMB 3 billion.  At the current 0.14 conversion rate the sales are Euro 428 million or nearly 7 percent of total sales.

One of the largest orders has been for Shenhua, the largest coal producer, who has purchased 10 filter presses, and 8 belt filters.

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