NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2016

$13 Billion Emissions Catalyst Market in 2016

Sales of emissions catalyst for both stationary and mobile emissions sources are projected at $13.2 billion in 2016 by the McIlvaine Company.  Mobile catalyst sales will account for 10 billion while stationary catalyst sales will comprise the other $3.2 billion.

Sales of catalysts to reduce NOx to N2 using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) will be $4 billion equally split between mobile and stationary sources.  In the next five years, the mobile SCR catalyst market will experience double-digit growth while the stationary catalyst market growth will be modest.  China created a large temporary stationary SCR catalyst market with a drive to retrofit 400,000 MW of coal-fired power plants with SCR technology.  This program is now nearly complete. So the stationary Chinese market growth will be negative in the 2015-2018 period.


The high growth in mobile SCR is being driven by the failure of companies such as Volkswagen to meet emission limits with NOx traps.  A new regulatory requirement (RDE) to measure NOx emissions during on-road conditions will make it very difficult for any diesel-fired vehicle to meet limits without SCR.

The mobile oxidation catalyst growth is being driven by the demand for vehicles in Asia along with tightening emission limits. The stationary oxidation catalyst growth is due to multiple factors. One is increasing use of oxidation catalysts on gas turbine power generators.  Another factor is the increasing use of catalytic incineration at chemical, food, refining and metal working plants in Asia.

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