NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2016

Two-thirds of the Cleanroom Laundry Business Is In Asia

In 2016 cleanroom garment processing facilities (laundries) will generate revenues of just under $1.5 billion.  Two-thirds of these revenues will be generated in Asia.  These revenues include the garments processed by outside laundries as well as the ones processed by the cleanroom operators.


Some of the U.S. and European based cleanroom laundries have moved into Asia.

Prudential Ampri Cleanroom Services (PACS)is a joint venture between Prudential Overall Supplies of the USA and Ampri Rubberware Industries of Malaysia. In 2015, PACS became fully owned by Ampri.

CWS-boco provides cleanroom services in Ireland, China, Poland and Belgium. In 2014, the company opened a cleanroom laundry in Heidenheim to meet the growing demand for cleanroom clothing in the microelectronics sector.  In 2015, CWS-boco took over Zahn-Hitex, the full-service provider for cleanroom laundry services.  So this is one example of internationalization of the cleanroom laundry business.

In Taiwan SUNRAY operates a Class 1 cleanroom with advanced cleanroom laundry equipment in Taoyuan Longtan. This facility was designed and built for the operations required for an ultra-clean laundry. Taiwan is a major semiconductor producer.

Consolidation of the laundry business in Europe is dictated by the slower growth in this region. Scottish textile services company, Fishers, has sold its cleanroom laundry business to Fenland Laundries. Fenland’s acquisition of the Livingston-based business is in line with the company’s strategy of growing its cleanroom business in the UK under its Micronclean brand.

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