NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                APRIL 2016

$70 Billion Filter Market in 2016

Filter revenues for mobile, medical, residential/commercial and industrial applications will exceed $70 billion in 2016.  No one company has more than 5 percent of the total market.  These are the conclusions reached by the McIlvaine Company by aggregating data in a number of its reports.

Filtration Revenues for 2016 in Color Coded Size Segments
Mobile Medical Residential Industrial Total Filter Sales
Mann & Hummel          
Filtration Group          
Parker Hannifin          
Koch Membranes          

Revenues are displayed in segments representing $ millions: 0 – 250250 – 700,  700  – 14001400 and above

The largest market segment is stationary industrial liquid cartridges with a 2016 market of $17 billion. This is followed by the mobile liquid cartridge market.  Mobile air filters, hydraulic and compressed air filters, cross-flow filtration, liquid macrofiltration, dust collection, HVAC filters, and coalescing filters are the remaining product segments.

A small but rapidly growing market is filtration of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).  Urea/water injected into engines freezes at relatively high temperatures.  So filters are needed to prevent frozen particles from reaching the engine.

Not a single company is in the top five in each category.  Those in the residential segment tend not to be in mobile.  Most of the companies are U.S. based.

Donaldson is a major player in mobile and industrial air filtration. Their sales of liquid filtration products primarily for diesel engines have grown recently at double-digit rates. The diesel liquid filter sales are presently $500 million.  The company is not involved with commercial/residential filtration in a significant way.

Clarcor sales of engine and other mobile filters are $600 million per year.  Process liquid filter sales are $350 million per year while industrial air filter sales are $475 million.  It is not a player in medical and residential applications.

Mann & Hummel has made both industrial and mobile acquisitions but its purchase of Wix with $900 million of revenue in the mobile sector was the largest purchase.

Daikin sales in 2015 were ¥2 trillion.  With the acquisition of Flanders filter sales are ¥100 billion or $890 million.

Twenty-two percent of Parker Hannifin sales of $11 billion are in filtration and engineered materials. Its strengths are mobile and industrial.

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