NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2016

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants will spend $1.3 billion for Odor Control Scrubbers Next Year

Municipal wastewater plants invest heavily in odor control scrubbers. Worldwide purchases next year will exceed $1.3 billion.  The largest regional purchaser will be East Asia followed by NAFTA.


In East Asia the biggest expenditures will be for odor control at new plants. In Western Europe and NAFTA, the biggest expenses will be to upgrade and repair odor control systems at existing plants.  Here are some examples from recent McIlvaine North American Wastewater Treatment plant updates.

  • In Bangor, Auburn-based T Buck Construction will begin a $2.3 million project to replace the Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant’s biofilter media system and repair the tower that contains the system. The projected lifespan of the biofilter is about 12 years, but most layers in the Bangor tower have been working nearly around the clock for 23 years. Only the top layer has been replaced — twice in the past two decades. That top layer suffers the most wear and tear because it’s exposed to the sun and elements.
  • Ludington, Michigan is purchasing a vapor phase odor control system as a result of odor complaints from neighbors.
  • Short Elliot Hendrickson is engineering the odor control project for the Osage Pre-treatment facility in Mitchell County.  Odor control equipment has been installed and should be operational as of July 5, 2016.
  • The Fresno-Clovis plant in Fresno, California just issued bids for an odor control upgrade.
  • Norwalk, Connecticut has a $4.5 million capital budget to solve the odor control problems from its South Smith Street plant.  ARCADIS is working on the project.

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