NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2016

Fluctuating Choke Valve Market Will Bounce Back

The choke valve market ranges between $250 million and $400 million per year depending on the definition and where we are in the oil and gas cycle. A significant portion of choke valve sales are to oil and gas companies. So, in the present depressed oil price market, we are in the lower range of sales. The definition also has a major effect on the revenue determination. The terms choke, control and axial are used in different ways.  With some definitions the market is much larger than with others.  Here are some ways the term is defined:

  • Flow path: Angle most important - if it is axial it is control, if it is angle it is choke.
  • Trim:  If one type of trim is used it is most suitable for choke, if another it is for control.
  • Location:  If it is extraction it is choke, if it is other applications it is control.
  • Valve type:  For some valve suppliers “choke” is just one of a number of applications and not a type of valve.

McIlvaine is pursuing refinements to its choke valve forecasts inN028 Industrial Valves: World Market.

At the same time, a Decision Guide on choke valves is being updated. This guide is displayed at: Choke Valve Decision Guide

Some additional information not yet posted to the guide includes the Severn globe and angle control valves where “choke” is an application and not a valve type.  Ross Waters of CGIS has guided us to the API Composite list which is updated daily.  It lists suppliers authorized to use the API Monogram on API Specification 6 A products for well head and Christmas Tree products. The highest specification level is 4.  Here are suppliers A-J meeting that level for chokes.

Ados, Pakistan Cameron, Romania FEPCO, Columbia
BHEL, India Cameron, Venezuela FMC, France
Breda, Italy Cameron, CA FMC, Saudi Arabia
Cameron, Malaysia Cameron, LA FMC, Singapore
Cameron, Singapore Cameron, OK FMC, LA
Cameron, SA Cameron, UAE FMC, Malaysia
Cameron, Argentina CCI, South Korea GE Oil and Gas, Houston
Cameron, Mexico CCI, Czech Republic GE Oil and Gas, UK
Cameron, Houston CCI, CA GE Oil and Gas, OK
Cameron, Ireland D Serv Doha, Qatar Jiangsu Jinshi, China
Cameron, Norway Delta, Qatar JVS, India

There are a substantial number of additional level 4 suppliers in the J-Z range as well as substantial numbers of companies with a level 3 authorization.

There is also API specification 16-C for choke and kill systems where drilling chokes are listed.  Among the suppliers included are Aswan National Oilwell Varco, Cameron, Chengde, Chongqing, Control Flow, Inc., Cortec, Delta, EXPRO and many others.

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