NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    AUGUST 2016

Air Filtration Market Will Grow to $8.6 Billion/yr. by 2020

Sales of air filters for cleaning ambient air will reach $8.6 billon/yr. by 2020.  This is the latest forecast by the McIlvaine company in N022 Air Filtration and Purification World Market. 

One of the fastest growing but smaller segments is the air filter intakes for gas turbines and large stationary engines. Gas turbines are replacing coal-fired power generation as the option for new power plants. Large volumes of ambient air are needed to supply the mass driving these turbines.  Stationary natural gas- and diesel-fired engines are being purchased in large numbers to offset the variation in solar and wind energy supply.

The largest segment is residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation.  China is the largest single market.  This is a result of the high levels of pollution in the ambient air and the construction of large numbers of homes and apartments.

The price per cubic foot of air purified has risen thanks to the selection of filters.  In the last decade, home owners have switched from low efficiency to medium efficiency filters. Since the price for the more efficient filters is at least double that of the low efficiency option, the industry revenues have been positively impacted.

Data center air filter usage is growing at 9 percent per year due to the growth in cloud computing. There is some debate about the air filtration efficiency required and whether to recirculate air or just use air changes, but in any case, corrosion can be a concern and dictates the use of adsorptive media.

In general, the medium efficiency and high efficiency segments of the market are growing faster than the low efficiency segment.  High efficiency filters are considered to be necessary on the air intakes of the higher performance gas turbines. The impregnation of filter media with activated carbon or other adsorptive materials is also on the increase.

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