NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    AUGUST 2016

Help McIlvaine create a Uniquely Valuable Stationary Reciprocating Engine Emissions and Sound Control Decision Guide in Just Four Weeks

McIlvaine is requesting input from suppliers, consultants, associations and operators of reciprocating engines to create a Decision Guide which will ensure better and quicker decisions on:


Inlet Air Filters

Fuel Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters

Valves and Pumps

Controls and Instrumentation

Emission Reduction Systems


NH3 Injection Systems

Heat Exchangers and Heat Recovery

Silencers and Sound Attenuation

Applications                             Fuels

Data Centers

Gas Compressors

On Site Power (standby, emergency, base load)

Large Pumps and Rotating Equipment



Natural Gas

Shale Gas


Heavy Oil

Coal Mine Methane


Geographies Regulatory

U.S. National, State, Regional and Local

EU, Individual Countries and Local

Chinese National and Provincial

Other Countries

Emission Limits and Schedules

Operating Limitations

Testing and Monitoring Requirements

The logical questions are how? And why?  Let’s start with “how”.

How: Your information can be included at no charge in Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Decisions.  This program includes an intelligence system which is easily accessed.  It includes summaries which are carefully written to provide immediate knowledge and then links to the actual data.

We will write the summaries when you send us case histories, presentations and articles.  In the last week, we have posted 100 summaries and linked to papers with thousands of pages.

We are offering a free 20-minute video interview to each supplier, consultant, or association. The quickest and easiest approach is for us to set up the GoToMeeting and then display your website.  We move from page to page as we discuss your products and why an engine owner would want to know about them.  If there is not sufficient information on your website, you can send us a power point presentation in advance and we will display that while we discuss your products.

We will also post comments which would be best structured as “letters to the editor.” They will have the impact of an organized blog. These comments will be included in the biweekly updates.

Why:  Why is McIlvaine offering free services?  Why will engine operators use it? Why try to do so much in one month?

Why is McIlvaine offering free services?  The answer is found in a popular book called Wikinomics.  The Decision Guide is free to any engine owner or operator but is $1600/yr. for others.  59D Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Decisions  However, the one free recording and continuous posting of data is free.

Why will engine operators use it?  This question is best answered by example.  It is obvious that a small diesel power plant in India is in need of this guide.  But what about a large coal-fired utility in the U.S.  Why would they use the McIlvaine Decision Guide on coal-fired boiler NOx control?  They can easily afford the best consultants and can have personal meetings with any supplier when they wish. The answer is that despite all this expert knowledge on which to draw, the utility finds it will make better decisions with the guide.   If you need to be convinced of this, just sign up for the free PacifiCorp NOx control webinars 4 & 5 on September 1 and 8.

Why try to do so much in just one month?  The power generation industry has to become part of the fast moving digital world.  If you go to management who says you have to wait a month while they consider whether to conduct a simple video interview about your website, you are part of a culture which has to change. The newest decision makers are accustomed to instant answers to questions and access to the latest information. In fact, if you supply a case history from a few years ago, we will post it. But at some point we will want to call the plant and find out how it is working today. We want to demonstrate that in just a short period of time we can create a uniquely valuable guide.  But we also want to demonstrate that is just the start and that we will be adding equivalent value every month.

Please contact Bob McIlvaine to send information or to receive answers to your questions:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   847 784 0012 ext. 112.