NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        OCTOBER 2016

New Approach Allows Suppliers to Reach 50 percent of the World’s Power Generation Market

Large utilities are expanding through merger and acquisition.  As a result, 100 power generators around the world buy more than 50 percent of the products and services. These operators are expanding into wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and other renewable fuels. They have distributed generation initiatives. Many are making major investments to meet new environmental regulatory requirements. There are thousands of challenging decisions which have to be made.  A new program is creating a unique path for decision makers to combine the hurry-up habits of the IPhone and Facebook with the wisdom of “wise crowd” decisions.  The program for the first utility is now available.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE) includes PacifiCorp, NV Energy, Mid-American, BHE Renewables, Northern and Kern River Pipeline. The two pipeline companies transport 7 percent of the natural gas in the U.S.  The power companies operate coal, gas, hydro, solar, geothermal, biomass, wind and other renewables generators.

McIlvaine now has Berkshire Hathaway Energy Supplier and Utility Connect to be used by suppliers as well as BHE personnel.  It has details on every one of the hundreds of power generators within the system. It fulfills the 4 knowledge needs: Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement.  It combines 44I Power Plant Air Quality Decisions (Power Plant Decisions Orchard) and 59D Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Decisions with the custom BHE program. This includes interfacing with hundreds of BHE people indirectly through the Alerts, case histories, etc., and directly through large and small webinars. 

Function Customer
Applications Processes


  • Sales
  • Service
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing


  • Resource planning
  • Regulatory
  • Automation
  • Operations
  • Plant design
WA, OR, UT, WY, IA and non-regulated in many states and the Philippines




Energy Recovery




Gas Transmission






Ground Water

Gas Pipeline

Gas Storage

Compressor Station




Fire Protection


Heat Recovery


Solid Waste

Solid Handling

The website has constantly updated data on each power generation, energy recovery and gas storage and transmission system operated by BHE. It also has details on all the larger industrial facilities in Iowa and the western states where BHE has electricity delivery.  It includes all the facilities owned by BHE Renewables.  Information on the compressor stations and power generators also includes the air permits with detailed regulatory information.

The coal-fired power plant information includes details on the furnaces, burners, coal size reduction, ID fans, heat recovery steam generators, SCR, particulate control, FGD, wastewater, ash disposal and instrumentation.

The gas turbine data includes details on the gas and steam turbines, inlet air systems, emission control systems, HRSGs and water and wastewater treatment.

The Alerts, webinars and other communication tools provided to suppliers assure an audience at power plants around the world.

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